Mother's Day BonBon Bouquet

Mother's Day BonBon Bouquet

We’ve had the announcement we were all waiting for. Summer is ON! Knowing that lockdown hasn’t been kind to the waistlines of most of us, we decided to serve up a bouquet almost sweet enough to eat. Enjoy creating this eye candy by following the simple instructions below…

The ingredients to this arrangement are:

5 x Pink Ranunculous (20536)

3 x Blush Garden Rose (18945)

2 x Pale Pink Garden Spray Rose (20423)

3 x Medium Pale Pink Spray Rose (20425)

5 x Pale Pink Carnation (20218)

5 x Eucalyptus Filler (20219)

1 x Bloomville Urn Stone Vase (20723) 


The beauty of some of our spray stems is that they work perfectly as a starting structure for an arrangement. Start this one as a hand-tie bouquet grouping everything together before placing in the vase.

Using the spray roses and eucalyptus as your arrangement’s base, separate the stems and then start to place the other flowers at random intervals. Place into the vase and tease into position, checking that you’re happy with the variety of flowers on show from each angle as you go. They will all look different, but uniquely so, in your own style.

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Blush Garden Rose

Blush Garden Rose

Code: 18945
Dimensions: 9cm x 64cm x 9cm
Available Stock: 349

Eucalyptus Filler

Eucalyptus Filler

Code: 20219
Dimensions: 20cm x 60cm x 5cm
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Bloomville Urn Stone Vase

Bloomville Urn Stone Vase

Code: 20723
Dimensions: 19cm x 31cm x 19cm
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In Soon: 112
Expected: End of Dec 2021